Terms & Policy


  1. Screen Resolution is 1440 pixels, long side of the picture.
  2. High Resolution is 16 mega pixels as maximum (some pictures are cropped).

Comercial License


  1. Personal Use: to be used on your computer, phone, or other personal devices as wallpaper, with no business use or public display.
  2. Ad: Websites, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, or other printed material.
  3. Non-Sellable Material: Product packaging, catalogs, brochures, promotional greeting cards, promotional postcards, promotional posters, corporate presentations, film and video.
  4. Book, CD, DVD: Cover or content of a book, CD, DVD, or similar material.
  5. Editorial Material: Printed magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, online or electronic publications or other uses including web pages and video.
  6. Items for Resale: Prints, stationary, posters, calendars, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, games, electronic templates, brochures, business cards, e-cards, or other reproductions for personal or business use.


  1. Digital Distribution: Sublicense, giveaway, share or otherwise transfer stand-alone images/files. The only digital distribution way is through this website or myself.


All photos on this website and my Instagram account are intellectual property of my person.